Merry Christmas! I would like to read Burmese websites written in Zawgyi-One font under the Tor browser.

When I went to the settings for the Tor browser, I saw the font dialogue box. But, I did not see Zawgyi-One Myanmar font in the font list. I wonder if someone can help and show me how to add Zawgyi-One font in the font list.

Thanking you in advance.



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Tor Browser uses a restricted set of fonts.

Since an adversary may be able to discover what fonts a user has installed, this is required to avoid fingerprinting.

If you install this extra font you will be in a very, very small anonymity set.

In the Tor Browser folder, there should be another folder called Browser and under that fonts. In the fonts folder will be the set of fonts that Tor Browser uses, adding your font file here (assuming it's in a standard format, like TTF) should allow it to be used.

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