I am connected to the Internet through eth0 and I run hotspot with wlan0:

 create_ap wlan0 wlan0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase

Is it possible to torify the connections made by the users connected to the hotspot?

PS: * I am looking to do the same job as torify or proxychains but for all connections made on * I want users to use common applications and don't need to use ad hoc proxified applications. E.g they would use firefox and not tor-browser. wlan0


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Yes, it's possible. The tunneling process( aka "torification") uses exactly the same scripts and tools as the wired one: you can choose any of well-known ones like PORTAL or OnionPi - or create your own. But there're some tricks - I've figured them so far when I'm developing my solution:

  • WiFi interface can flap some times, i.e. when your usb dongle is too hot. To mitigate so - use ifup/ifdown scripts to add and remove corresponding rules and/or restarting a sevices like DHCPD
  • Hostapd and wifi drivers in Linux are too "quiet" about errors, especially when the dongle just hangs. Some dongles - like ath9k-based ones - need all the led's disabled before starting hostapd - it prevent them from hanging dead

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