When trying to open my Yandex account it won't let me open the site. It says: "403 Access to our service has been temporarily blocked. Your computer may be infected with a virus, which is sending repeated requests to Yandex. ..."

My computer is not infected.

Is this a known problem?


Error 403 are appearing because the exit node you're using is not dedicated to you only: Many people are using it, including to access Yandex and other services.

It seems - on a website server's side - that one single IP address (the exit node) generates too many requests per time and a different requests/user sessions, so it can interpret it as a bot - and that's where the temporary block comes in.

You can try to click on the Onion button and choose "New Tor Circuit for this Site" which will give you a new Tor circuit for the site that maybe wont give you the error.


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