Is is safe to import bookmarks from another browser into the Tor Browser? How can I import my bookmarks if it is safe?

I have not tried anything because I am not sure


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The short answer is no, don't import preexisting bookmarks.

The long answer is it depends.

URLs (the web address data stored in browser 'bookmarks') are pretty flexible in their format and often contain embedded information of various sorts. While this additional data is typically appended to a URL (ie: any part of a URL that comes after a '?') there are many URLs that have identifying information included in the path or even the subdomain.

If you have any doubt that the URL that are you using is not a general address applicable for everyone, assume that there is identifying information embedded in it.


DO NOT IMPORT, unless your $HOME is encrypted..

I usually store stuff on a encrypted partition, which is different from the /home/user/ The bookmarks are stored in


so unless that is encrypted there is no point importing bookmarks

  • But the encrypted partition is mounted in a temporary, unencrypted space when in use. Using encryption here would only protect against hard-drive theft. Other than that, I see no harm in using unencrypted storage. Commented Aug 17, 2016 at 1:17

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