I have a problem. When I want to connect to the pseudo-domain onion tor return me information:

[Warn] Refusing to connect to the IPv6 address [scrubbed] because Port has NoIPv6Traffic set.

To the Torrc file I added lines:

DNSPort 9053
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
AutomapHostsSuffixes .exit,.onion

What should I do?

Normal domains work good.

--- update to comment

I checked it. In the file I can have only this three lines. Something I should add?


If IPv6 working in your setup? i.e. it can be disabled in sysctl or in kernel - so no AutomapHosts-like features will work with IPv6, if it's disabled in OS. Also here some check-list:

  • GeoIPv6File must be specified,
  • In OrPort no flag IPv4Only must be specified,
  • ClientPreferIPv6ORPort should be set to auto,
  • ClientUseIPv6 should not be set to 0
  • VirtualAddrNetworkIPv6 - if using AutomapHosts - can be also used and it's a big bonus
  • PreferIPv6Automap - set it to on if you're preferring IPv6
  • PreferIPv6 and IPv6Traffic are enabling you to use IPv6 for exits - use these flags in SocksPort line, by default SOCKS in Tor does not handle IPv6! <<---- this can be your particular case due to the error message you've posted

Try to add the strings needed to your torrc explicitly. If you will still have problems - drop me a line, we'll se further.

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