when i set a RelayBandwidthRate e.g. 600 KB/s does it mean i have 600 KB/s bidirectional (e.g. 300 KB/s download and 300 KB/s upload) or does i mean i have 600 KB/s in both directions, 1200 KB/s in total ?

Thanks for your help!

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RelayBandwidthRate - like all rate directives in torrc is same-in-both-ways, i.e. 600 means 600in+600out. If you're throttling your bandwidth - if you need to maintain a constant 24/7 operations in a free/hosting-included traffic limits, it's not enough to specify just this setting, drop a line if you need full details. It works a bit different as it should be in real world.

UPDATE: So - here it how it goes to actually work as it should from the docs:

  • BandwidthRate XKBytes and BandwidthBurst XKBytes will actually limit the speed in most of cases. To limit it strictly use 75% of BandwidthBurst limit in BandwidthRate
  • AccountingMax DailyLimitKBytes and AccountingStart day will ensure the daily limit to be kept. Without it there can be some overruns - not big ones, but there are some.
  • AccountingRule in|out|sum - use it according to your hosting plan
  • remember that DNS queries are not taken into this accounting, so use as a limit 80-85% volume of traffic.
  • Any help is greatly appreciated. I've got a 1,9 TB monthly cap and the terms suggest I should limit my rate to 5 Mbit/s. Are the following settings suffcient ? RelayBandwidthRate 320 KBytes, AccountingMax 1800 MB, AccountingStart month 5 00:00, AccountingRule sum. Thanks for your time!
    – mt7
    Oct 7, 2016 at 16:40

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