Does Tor send data over my server if I installed it? My server has a bandwidth limit so it would be bad if tor runs as a relay.

I've installed the standard tor configuration via apt-get on my Debian 8 server.

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No. By default, tor acts as a client, and opens a SOCKS5 Proxy on localhost:9050. It will not relay any traffic for the Tor Network unless you specifically set it up in the /etc/tor/torrc file.


If one looks at the question in a more general way the answer is Yes and No.

  • Yes: When you start Tor it will send a request to the directory authority and ask for directory information. Furthermore the software will build a circuit with different relays in the network. So also here some information is sent over the wire.
  • No: When you think if Tor will act as a relay, the answer is clearly No. If you don't change the initial configuration, Tor will only act as a client and not relay data from other users.

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