Can I use a text file instead for ip,ip,ip as a ExitNode? Like ExitNodes torlist.txt?

So instead of Exitnodes ip,ip,ip I want too use like ... Exitnodes -f toriplist.txt or something

any ideas?


It is not possible to write exitpolicy filename. But there are several ways you can go:

  1. You can enter your list of IPs as a command line option: tor -ExitNodes $(cat list_of_ips)
  2. Another way is to create a torrc and start Tor with that torrc. So assume there is a torrc.template and a list_of_ips. So you can do something like cat torrc.template list_of_ips > torrc && tor -f torrc. Whenever your list_of_ips changes you re-create the torrc and restart the Tor process (or send a HUP).
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  • Hmm.. thx for the anwser but i rly don't understand ^^ My english is really bad so :/ is there any chance i can like do Exitnodes torips.txt in the torrc settings file ? And copy paste all the tor ips too the torips.txt file so it will Load exitnodes from the torips.txt instead? Sorry for my retardness^^ hah. – user14337 Sep 15 '16 at 15:05
  • You can't directly use a text file in torrc. It needs to be entered manually in the torrc file. – SuperSluether Sep 16 '16 at 19:11

You can't do it directly, but the exact functionality you want to achieve is just a Python or shell script: using ControlPort and Tor control protocol. You can set desired ExitNodes value from your script running on cron or in a daemon mode. But remember - changes are for a single tor launch session only, i.e. config file is not overwritten automatically every time. And - if you will restart Tor - you will need to re-configure it via ControlPort again. So use either a shellscript(I suggest two, actually: to reconfigure and to forcible reconfigure in case of tor restart detected) or a Python daemon.

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