I have been using Facebook with the Tor browser, with the exit node set always to be in a European country. Facebook has notified me that twice in the last 24 hours I have logged in from different African and Middle Eastern locations. I can't believe that someone in Dar es Salaam, and someone else in Saudi Arabia, have really logged into my account. So, what Tor anomaly is making Facebook think I am logging in from there?

P.S. I wanted to set Facebook as a tag for this question, but I don't yet have enough cudos here to create it. Facebook is a rather important website. Why doesn't it already exist as a tag on here? Can someone create it for me please! Thank you :-)


Canonizing ironize hit the nail on the head. IP mapping is inaccurate at best, and completely off the mark most of the time.

I was going to suggest using StrictNodes, but it would seem this only applies to excluded nodes: Can I exit from a specific country or node?


for access to faceboob, you may want to check into using some [free] vpn service for that locale.
i use country specific exitnodes only for sites that either dont have vpn service for that location or that particular vpn service was tagged and rejected by the site i access. nevertheless, as @canonizingironize highlighted, my experience is the same = exitnodes are not guaranteed and are inaccurate. to compensate for the inaccuracy, i use exitnodes in conjunction w/ something like geoiptool, mylocation.org etc. and access the resource only when i see my traffic is exiting in that location.


It's OK - I'm using it myself like this, this stuff happens. Even if you're restricting ExitNodes - there're an IP-to-Country location inaccuracy that causes this kind of events.

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