In this last version of Tor Browser Bundle (TBB), I keep seeing this popup. At first I thought I was out of date, so I checked. This came after an auto update. But I'm not out of date.

Your version of Firefox is out of date

You can see my versions here: TBB is up to date

What is going on? Is this an infection, a bug, or something in between? Is this just an overlooked setting in this version of Firefox?

I found this article, but it's an old question, doesn't have any pictures, and doesn't have any kind of an answer to fix anything.

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-From the Tor Blog:

"Update (August 11, 10:04 UTC): Starting from a couple of hours ago Tor Browser users might see a notification box in their browser claiming that Firefox is too old providing a button to get a newer one. This is both due to a server-side code change on Mozilla's side and an oversight by us during the ESR45 transition. Clicking on the "Get Firefox" button is safe and leads the user to our Tor Browser download page. Needless to say, this whole behavior is highly confusing and we apologize for it. We are working on a fix as quickly as possible and hope to get Mozilla to exempt Tor Browser users from this feature while we are working on a new release. For technical details see our bug tracker."

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