I've set up a private obfs4 Tor bridge following the official tutorial, PublishServerDescriptor set to 0. /var/log/tor/log shows positive entries so it should be configured correctly. The machine is Ubuntu x64.

I can find my fingerprint, hashed one, ip:port but I miss some data to be able to use this bridge with tor browser as it asks for 2 more entries.

Where can I find the "cert" and "iat-mode" entries that any obfs4 bridge on https://bridges.torproject.org has??

I cant find it in the logs and since its a private bridge it wont show up on the lists.

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From the obfs4proxy README:

  • The autogenerated obfs4 bridge parameters are placed in DataDir/pt_state/obfs4_state.json. To ease deployment, the client side bridge line is written to DataDir/pt_state/obfs4_bridgeline.txt.

So /var/lib/tor/pt_state/obfs4_bridgeline.txt.

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