Sorry for the vague question in the title. I wanted to get to the point without loading up the title with unnecessary information.

Essentially what I'm trying to ask is 2 questions:

  1. Logistically, how can I retrieve and analyze the hidden service descriptor of an onion with a standard Linux box? Is there a script of some sort?
  2. How can I use a tool (similar to OpenSSL's s_client) to extract the public key from an onion for experimental use?

I'd like to note that I've attempted using proxychains to route OpenSSL's s_client through Tor, but I should've assumed that an Onion Service doesn't speak SSL.

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  1. Fetch a descriptor

HSFETCH is a tor control port command that can fetch a descriptor for a hidden service.

The Stem python library has functionality to do this, it's documented in the Hidden Service tutorial

  1. The public key is part of the descriptor.

This is documented in the tor rendezvous protocol specificiation.

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