I am new at tor. I want to use it on my android to visit websites but I don't want the site admins to know my real IP or my device (android) info. Sorry if I am totally misunderstanding this whole thing, but will Tor prevent the sites from knowing what my android serial # is, what brand of android phone I use, stuff like that? Can they know any info about my device?

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No one can make a 100% guarantee of these things, and generally speaking the question "Is x secure?" or "Is x safe?" is only even meaningful in the context of "...against y".

If programs use Tor incorrectly and don't respect your privacy or weren't designed for anonymity, they may reveal both your IP and information about your device.

  1. Use only trustworthy programs, which make a good-faith effort to preserve your anonymity. (Are they open-source? Do they give warnings about misuse and guides on how to use them properly? Do they fix bugs?)
  2. Use iptables to block accidental or malicious leaks of packets outside of tor.

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