I need to watch an Australian channel on Youtube and for this to be possible I need an Australian ip. While I actually did make it work sometimes with tor+proxy, the IP I keep getting most of the times is the same for Australia and Netherlands. So when I try to access the site it says I'm in the Netherlands and obviously it doesn't work. I've already set the ExitNodes {AU} StrictNodes 1 and also ExcludeExitNodes {NL} to see if it would remove the nl ip from the list and it keeps the same. Any way to fix this? Is there any option to set a permanent ip on tor?

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Have a read of this answer for some background but tl;dr:

If you and the server have different revisions of the GeoIP database you may potentially disagree about what country the IP is associated with. One or both of you may be wrong.

IP address and geolocation are, ultimately, unrelated.

As for setting a "permanent IP", Tor Browser achieves long term exits by using SOCKS authentication based on the top level domain and the KeepAliveIsolateSOCKSAuth flag on the SOCKSPort. This means that while you continue to use a website, Tor Browser will use the same circuit for it. Otherwise there are options like TrackHostExits.

You should take great care in not interfering with Tor's path selection you should not want to "set a permanent ip".

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