I've always launched TOR from a password protected flash drive, (many years). Version 6.0 gives an error message that path is unavailable and I may not have permission to this file. I am administrator and also manually check administrator box in TOR. TOR 6.0 runs perfectly from desktop. I did a clean install on Windows7X64 this week but have been running this setup for many years and the flash always worked. Any ideas?

  • Being an administrator doesn't mean that you will have permissions, it just means that if you wanted to you could assign yourself the permissions. You should also never run desktop software like a web browser as an administrator. It is not required and it is dangerous. You should check the path does provide the correct permissions (and consider setting them to be for a normal user account to use instead and run it as a non-administrator) – cacahuatl Jun 9 '16 at 22:50

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