McAfee blocked an incoming connection from an anonymous proxy, does anyone know if my PC is now at risk somehow? I was under the impression that this shouldnt happen. Anyone have any input what this means? This happened after I was browsing sensitive information with javascript enabled on the 18th. Also my broswer froze and was displaying strange characters on some Tor sites following this. Anywhere I should look for malicious script on my PC? Im tech illiterate, any info would help. Thanks.

  • McAfee also stated that this was last attempted by "tor.exe"
    – hackedanon
    Dec 20 '13 at 4:40
1 seems to be a Tor Node, I'm unsure if McAfee flagged that IP as a spammer IP address or if it was a treat. Try switching your identity, you may find that at the Left-hand top Connor where the onion is. Click "New identity"

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