Is it possible to restrict the traffic to max 150 GB per month.

More traffic is not available to me.

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Thanks that you consider running a relay. You can edit your torrc and tell Tor to spend less than 150 GB a month. If this limit is reached Tor goes into some kind of sleep mode and wakes up the next month.

Just add the following lines to your configuration:

AccountingMax 150 GBytes
AccountingRule sum
AccountingStart month 12 3:45

Using those lines your Tor process will sum sent and received Bytes up 150 GB and then stop running. Please make sure to add AccountingRule sum, because the default behavior is to look for the maximum of sent or received Bytes. If you leave out this option, your Tor relay will use rougly 300 GB.

The AccountingStart line tells Tor that an accounting period goes one month and starts at the 12th of the month at 3:45.


Yes, you can do this through setting some Accounting options in your torrc file.

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