How can I achieve the optimal connection for using Tor as a client, in terms of bandwidth and response time, given infinite resources? Can I set up a server with very strong connection and do a VPN into it from a client machine (eg. browser on a laptop)? Could I connect to low-latency nodes only? Etc.

  • thanks for answers so far - but actual question remains: what can be done to maximize Tor browsing speed? Thank you
    – knutole
    Commented Jan 2, 2014 at 11:39

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Short answer is no. It is possible to do so, but would very much lower the anonymous nature of your traffic. It would be best to run A relay node 24/7 to increase the amount of "fast" circuits that you connect to.


Tor itself seems to pick reasonable circuits these days.

There is no support for picking a certain set of nodes based on the properties you want, and if there was, it's unclear if that'd help.

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