Also, im not getting the stable flag.

I'v been online for about a month. 20.april I switched from win to linux. I've had some restarts of the relay, but not long downtimes.

my fingerprint: 2AEB4E9200617CAE465AC789789675CBF336CAE2

does anyone have time to look into this? Thanks. :)

  • According to someone in #tor IRC channel, relays with dynamic IP won't get 'guard' or 'stable' Can anyone confirm this?
    – zinglit
    Commented May 11, 2016 at 6:29

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Consider that your relay is new, since its uptime is about 2 days.

Directory authorities assign the Guard flag to relays based on three characteristics: "bandwidth" (they need to have a large enough consensus weight), "weighted fractional uptime" (they need to be working most of the > time), and "time known" (to make attacks more expensive, we don't want to > give the Guard flag to relays that haven't been around a while first). This last characteristic is most relevant here: on today's Tor network, you're first eligible for the Guard flag on day eight.

For more information please see this article.

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