I am wondering what does the TOR speed depend on. I tried using TOR on 2 different wifi networks. One is 20Mbps and the other is 10Mbps. Both times i got the same speed trough TOR. My question is does TOR provide your with better bandwidth if your internet speed is faster or does everybody get the same speed?

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A "torified" traffic speed depends on :

  • Of course, your WAN connection speed, but also to the number of connections available at the same time - including your OS settings. In Linux/Unix tune your buffers also!
  • An exit/entry node speed/latency/load - you better configure your Tor instance to pick a close/fast countries by putting their names in a curlies. Don't forget a StrictNodes 1 line in your torrc!
  • Your CPU single-core speed - yes, Tor's crypto is single-core/thread, sadly. Also a RAM-CPU speed does matter by the very same reason
  • Ability to do a port forwarding, i.e. ORPort 443 for example in your torrc and make this port reachable from outside. If you're making your Tor a middle node, it's speed improves, checked it myself.

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