In other words, what are the system "ingredients" that are not allowed to change without triggering attribution of a new fingerprint and the restart of the "ramp up" / flagging process?

Please correct any mistakes or oversight below:

  • hardware:

    • CPU: immutable
    • network controller: immutable
    • ..other: mutable?
  • IP address: mutable?

  • Tor session: mutable (process may be restarted, system may be reboot)

  • torrc entries (nickname...): mutable?

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The answer to my question is here. Excerpt (emphasis mine):

When upgrading your Tor relay, or moving it on a different computer, the important part is to keep the same identity keys (stored in "keys/ed25519_master_id_secret_key" and "keys/secret_id_key" in your DataDirectory). Keeping backups of the identity keys so you can restore a relay in the future is the recommended way to ensure the reputation of the relay won't be wasted.

TL;DR: once the keys are generated, they can be migrated to any machine. Cool!

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