Is it possible to have Add-On on Tor browser to directly download videos from the net? I have tried downloading a Firefox Add-On like VideoDownloader.net but it doesn't seem to work on Tor Browser? Help will be much appreciated and a link can also be of essence.

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    Are you using Tor for reasons of anonymity? If so, then the recommendation is that add-ons should be avoided: torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en#TBBOtherExtensions. Also, download videos from where? MP4/MPEG files themselves, or do you mean convert YouTube-like embedded videos to downloadable files? Commented Apr 9, 2016 at 22:55

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If you are using Tor in order to stay anonymous, installing new add-ons is highly discouraged as they can compromise your privacy and security and/or might break the functionality of the browser. As such, there is no official support for these types of configurations. See recommendations here and here:

Installing new add-ons may affect Tor Browser in unforeseen ways and potentially make your Tor Browser fingerprint unique. If your copy of Tor Browser has a unique fingerprint, your browsing activities can be deanonymized and tracked even though you are using Tor Browser.

Basically, each browser's settings and features create what is called a "browser fingerprint". Most browsers inadvertently create a unique fingerprint for each user which can be tracked across the internet. Tor Browser is specifically engineered to have a nearly identical (we're not perfect!) fingerprint across its users. This means each Tor Browser user looks like every other Tor Browser user, making it difficult to track any individual user.

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