I want to read Tor logs when running Tor from Browser Bundle (on Linux).

In official FAQ, I read:

You'll have to go find the log files by hand. Here are some likely places for your logs to be:

  • On OS X, Debian, Red Hat, etc, the logs are in /var/log/tor/
  • On Windows, there are no default log files currently. If you enable logs in your torrc file, they default to \username\Application Data\tor\log\ or \Application Data\tor\log\
  • If you compiled Tor from source, by default your Tor logs to "stdout" at log-level notice. If you enable logs in your torrc file, they default to /usr/local/var/log/tor/.

However, that makes no sense. I am runing the bundle as a non-root user, it cannot write into /var/log/tor or /usr/local/var/log/tor.

I have looked into all the sub-folders in the bundle and I don't see a thing there.

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Tor Browser does not keep an on-disk log by default. Instead, you can get the log from the Browser. Click on the green onion, Tor Network Settings, and then on the bottom there's a button to copy the log to your clipboard.

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