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What are the differences between Tails and Whonix?

Whonix and Tails both have the goals of providing a complete package for anonymizing internet usage. What are the primary differences between the two?

tails whonix  
asked by Ivar 12 votes
answered by adrelanos 12 votes

Should I run Tor in a VM?

I've heard advice that to further protect my anonymity/privacy it's best to run Tor (the Tor Browser Bundle) in a Virtual Machine, which you would ideally roll back after each use. What extra ...

tor-browser-bundle anonymity virtual-machine  
asked by Tom Medley 26 votes
answered by pabouk 20 votes

Can Tor be used with applications other than Web browsers?

From what I can see Tor mainly handles your web browser's traffic, but is there a way to do all of your connections through it? Like email, Dropbox, Carbonite backup, Skype etc? (Please explain ...

security anonymity implementations  
asked by McGafter 19 votes
answered by alaf 16 votes

Tor won't open on mac, saying Firefox is running - but it isn't

When I try to open the Tor bundle on a Mac, a box pops up and says "A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time." But I don't have Firefox open.

tor-browser-bundle firefox  
asked by user1846 3 votes
answered by Elliot 2 votes

How to add obfs3 bridges in torrc?

I have installed Tor on my Ubuntu system, not the Tor browser bundle. Now I can add bridges into torrc file and it's ok. But I want to know how can I add obfs3 bridges into torrc file?

asked by none 9 votes

Configure tor as proxy

I'm trying to use Tor as a proxy, to make other apps connect to the internet through the tor network. With Tor running and connected I opened another browser, and in the proxy settings I typed ...

configuration web-proxy  
asked by Alex 12 votes
answered by nullUser 10 votes

Can Tails be installed as primary OS?

I have a netbook I only use when I'm away from home and I only ever use Tails on it. In order to avoid having to carry a Tails USB stick with me as well (which just sticks out the side) I'd like to ...

asked by Andrew Lott 18 votes
answered by Jens Kubieziel 12 votes
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