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Top new questions this week:

Tor on Fedora 32, unable to run

Running the following below, but unable to run the below tor fedora 32 tor-browser-linux64-10.0.1_en-US.tar.xz Have verify PGP signatures & extracted tar, checked for file execution. drwx------. ...

asked by fischer 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I Use Tails in One Stick of USB? ( 8Gb) instead of 2 (4Gb) Stick

Can I just download Tails on just one USB(8gb)? I only got one USB so there's that, I know that in their website they ask to use 2 sticks of Usb ( at least 4Gb ) but mine is bigger than the ...

anonymity tails  
asked by Mark Joshua 2 votes
answered by cacahuatl 3 votes

How to add obfs3 bridges in torrc?

I have installed Tor on my Ubuntu system, not the Tor browser bundle. Now I can add bridges into torrc file and it's ok. But I want to know how can I add obfs3 bridges into torrc file?

asked by none 11 votes
answered by Maxxer 6 votes

Why can't I open most of the onion sites?

I am rather new to Tor and not sure if it is something I missed, or that I have done wrong. Almost every single onion site (90% of them) I try to access shows the error message "Unable to connect". I ...

tor-browser-bundle help torcheck error  
asked by Lyla 18 votes
answered by IAmNoone 16 votes

Sending anonymous email

I need to send a completely anonymous email, with no trace of myself, my IP and my computer. Can I send it via Tor using an ordinary email server, ie, gmail, yahoo, whatever? PLEASE, I'm an ordinary ...

anonymity email  
asked by neon 8 votes
answered by JesseM 4 votes

How to channel all traffic on Kali linux through Tor?

I am new to Tor and linux in general, but I have installed Kali linux and installed Tor and downloaded Tor bundle, but I realised only when I browse through the Tor bundle browser is when my traffic ...

configuration linux kali-linux  
asked by Mande Kira 14 votes
answered by Sam Whited 7 votes

HTML 5 canvas Imagedata Extraction, what does it actually mean?

I got the following when reaching This website ( attempted to extract HTML5 canvas image data, which may be used to uniquely identify your computer. Should Tor browser allow ...

tor-browser-bundle firefox linux  
asked by shirish 10 votes
answered by Irving Poe 10 votes

How do I unistall Tor on Windows 10?

I tried searching for this question here and haven't found the specific question. I've tried uninstalling Tor on my Windows 10 laptop pc and I can't find it installed. I've gone to the usual places in ...

asked by NonyaB 1 vote
answered by Alexey Vesnin 1 vote

Can you answer these questions?

ExitNodes not respected on particular website

I have ExitNodes {rs},{kr},{sy},{cn} StrictNodes 1 set in my ./Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc file. It respects these ExitNodes on every website I've tried: except this website where it switches ...

exit-relays location  
asked by Philip Rego 1 vote

What is the key blinding function used in the hidden service protocol v3?

I've read the rend-spec-v3.txt document which is supposed to be the specification for the v3 hidden service protocol. The document makes several references to a key blinding function that takes in an ...

hidden-services onion-routing encryption consensus  
asked by TheOrbitHeart 3 votes
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