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How do onion addresses exactly work?

I understand that the .onion address is a public key of sorts, but not much more than that (I can vaguely guess, though). When nobody knows the IP of the .onion address, how do requests reach it? Are ...

onion-services onion-routing protocol  
user avatar asked by Manishearth Score of 80
user avatar answered by bastik Score of 80

What are the differences between Tails and Whonix?

Whonix and Tails both have the goals of providing a complete package for anonymizing internet usage. What are the primary differences between the two?

tails whonix  
user avatar asked by Ivar Score of 13
user avatar answered by adrelanos Score of 13

How Tor handles cookies?

Could you explain to me how Tor handles cookies? Thing is that these cookies can carry any and all information about my computer. Things such program details, length and count of every single session ...

user avatar asked by sivistojko Score of 6
user avatar answered by Jens Kubieziel Score of 7

My ISP/Network/Government has blocked access to the TorProject website. How can I download Tor?

I'm trying to download Tor but my ISP/Network administrator/Government has blocked access to the TorProject website. How do I download Tor?

support mirrors censorship  
user avatar asked by mrphs Score of 29
user avatar answered by mrphs Score of 29

Is it safe to use Adblock Plus with Tor Browser Bundle?

Does Adblock Plus behave, or does it phone home or collect information about you? I'm using Tor Browser Bundle, but I don't like ads very much, so I want to use an adblocker, so long as it's safe to ...

tor-browser-bundle add-on  
user avatar asked by sashoalm Score of 14
user avatar answered by mroq Score of 15

Running a virtual machine (VM) that can only connect through Tor

Running normal applications has the problem that any remote code execution vulnerability in the application totally compromises the user. This isn't just a theoretical attack, a vulnerability in ...

user avatar asked by CodesInChaos Score of 55
user avatar answered by Panrubius Score of 15

Is using Tor on Windows dangerous?

One of my friends keeps telling me that it's useless to use Tor on Windows, as Windows is full of key-loggers, Trojans and other malware, and if they want to identify me it will be easy because of ...

tor-browser-bundle security windows  
user avatar asked by xsari3x Score of 5
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