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Top new questions this week:

Has anyone attempted to deanonymze users using the Tor network?

Some people might benefit if they can deanonymze Tor users - law enforcement could catch criminals faster if they had control of the Tor network. Hackers also might want to deanonymze Tor users. But ...

asked by MathWhiz123 1 vote
answered by Swangie 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

why do I get "Access Denied" at certain web sites when I didn't last year?

I'm using Tor Browser 4.5a5 (based on Mozilla Firefox 31.6.0) on Windows 7/64, home router environment. Several iterations back, I could access . Now, no matter how many times ...

tor-browser-bundle windows blocked-services  
asked by rocky-x 3 votes
answered by chexum 4 votes

Tor won't open on mac, saying Firefox is running - but it isn't

When I try to open the Tor bundle on a Mac, a box pops up and says "A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time." But I don't have Firefox open.

tor-browser-bundle firefox  
asked by user1846 3 votes
answered by Elliot 2 votes

Error message "Cannot load XPCOM" at the start of Tor Browser

When I open the Tor Browser Bundle I get an error message from Firefox: "Cannot load XPCOM". How can I start the Tor Browser?

tor-browser-bundle browsers  
asked by Dan 3 votes
answered by Jens Kubieziel 2 votes

Unable to start Tor browser using an account other than the one it was installed with (Windows 7)

I have just installed Tor Browser package (Windows), using my admin account (installation failed with a normal account due to insufficient privileges. I am able to start the Tor browser ok with the ...

tor-browser-bundle help  
asked by Plastikfan 5 votes
answered by BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft 7 votes

The proxy server is refusing connections

I have downloaded the most recent version of the Tor bundle 6.5.2 for Mac. When I open the Tor browser I get a message "the proxy server is refusing connections". I have followed the instructions (on ...

proxy connection  
asked by Catherine 8 votes
answered by Nisath 5 votes

Is using Tor on Windows dangerous?

One of my friends keeps telling me that it's useless to use Tor on Windows, as Windows is full of key-loggers, Trojans and other malware, and if they want to identify me it will be easy because of ...

tor-browser-bundle security windows  
asked by xsari3x 4 votes
answered by Jobiwan 12 votes

Why is the first ip address Tor goes to the same one in Germany?

Every time I start Tor or switch to a new identity, the first web address in the list of Tor circuit connections is (Germany) Is Tor supposed to work this way? I was under the ...

relays guard  
asked by user3495 15 votes
answered by user8289 -1 votes
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