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Does Torch, a darknet search engine, really index 1 billion hidden services?

Torch is a darknet search engine (URL: http://cnkj6nippubgycuj.onion/). It indexes new hidden services every day. You can search anything on it (it's uncensored). It's the oldest and longest running ...

hidden-services darknet url research  
asked by Swangie 1 vote
answered by Mark 1 vote

What are the best Tor2Web anonymous gateways?

What are the best Tor2Web anonymous gateways to make Hidden Web-Services available on clearnet/standard Internet?

hidden-services onion-routing web-proxy  
asked by kenorb 11 votes
answered by kenorb 12 votes

Enable plugins on Tor

There are several questions on how to enable plugins on Tor, all answered. My question is simple, how can I add Flash and/or Silverlight plugins in Tor and make sure they actually work, and please ...

asked by Tiago Duarte 2 votes
answered by Tiago Duarte 1 vote

Tor failed to establish a Tor network connection "Loading network status failed"

1/29/2018 2:14:22 AM.700 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 1/29/2018 2:14:22 AM.700 [NOTICE] ...

tor-browser-bundle tor-install  
asked by kami 4 votes
answered by pastly 3 votes

I can't get Tor to work with Vista

I downloaded Tor for Vista but when I click it the hourglass comes up for a moment and then goes away without opening the program. Any ideas on how to open it?

windows help  
asked by japonica 1 vote
answered by Ugh Vista 1 vote

How to properly start tor service

For months I've been using: $ sudo systemctl start tor.service but I just realized we can start tor by simply typing "tor" into a terminal. What's the proper/safest way to start and stop tor.service?...

configuration security ubuntu torsocks startup  
asked by user13933 11 votes
answered by SuperSluether 12 votes

Tor Browser 7 is not starting

I had Tor Browser 6.5.2 running perfectly and after the upgrade to 7.0 stopped working, tried disabling the antivirus but Tor Browser is not starting at all, please help, my OS is Windows 10.

asked by YATU 1 vote
answered by Fred 4 votes
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